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This pages covers some of the most frequently asked questions. If you are still uncertain, feel free to use our contact form.

The JvG Club

What is the JvG Club?
What is "Johann von Goisern?"
Why should I register?
Does being a Club member cost anything?
Does a Club membership give me discount on Johann von Goisern frames?

Welcome Package

Do I receive a Welcome Package for every frame I registert?

Club Shop

Can I buy Johan von Goisern frames here?

Shop Finder

What do the different numbers of stars mean?
Why can't I find my optician?

My Account

This is not the website I signed up to and my password doesn't work anymore!
Can I delete my account?

Register Frame

I didn't receive a certificate card with my frame!
I entered the card number too often and now there is red text!
Why do I have to select my optician?


What data do you collect, and why?
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